Targeting on Facebook Ads

Francesco Noli

Francesco Noli

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Targeting on Facebook Ads


Targeting is used to choose the users who will see our advertisements by going to segment audiencesbased on common elements, such as gender, age, geolocation or, getting more specific, based on their interests or the actions these users have taken on our site.

Users can be grouped based on data that Facebook obtains either on the platform, so data held by Facebook or data recorded with our social profiles and ads, or externally to the platform, that is, through the pixel on our website.

Meta, having billions of active users for several years, provides us with an incredible amount of data regarding the habits and interests of users on its platforms. For example, we can segment people on the basis of gender, age, geolocation, dating status, type of education, type of profession, based on his or her interests such as clothes or personal care.


Retargeting is audience segmentation by going to select the set of people who have already come in contact with our brand, page, profile, ad or website.

For example, one retargeting audience might be those who have interacted with my Instagram profile in the last 30 days, another might be those who have added my products to their shopping cart in the last 7 days, so a really warm audience who have connected with my brand and shown interest.

Retargeting, thus MOFU and BOFU, is usually the one that brings the greatest economic return with the least investment, as these are people we have already intercepted with TOFU and who have really shown interest in what we are proposing and who maybe just need a little push to be converted into customers.

There are different levels of retargeting and each deserves targeted communication. For example, a person who viewed my Instagram profile or viewed half the video of my advertisement will be less interested in buying my product than someone who added the same product to their shopping cart or added their payment method to our store but did not purchase.

Based on what do we choose our audiences?

When we are creating a campaign we must always ask ourselves what stage of the Funnel we are in, what goal we have, and what kind of message or product we are offering.

In TOFU we go to select a broad type of audience, as broad as possible. Here we have two options: go BROAD or target by interest.

What does Broad mean? It means giving the algorithm free rein on who to target, going to limit its choices based only on gender, age and geographic area.

If we want to go deeper, we can use interest. If we are running a guy’s sneaker e-commerce account we might go and target only men between the ages of 18 and 30 for example and with interests such as fashion, sneakers, shoes, etcc.

We also have the ability to exclude certain audiences, such as retargeting audiences so we don’t go and target people already within our funnel.

Or we can further specify our search by going to select, for example, people who are interested in shoes but even more specifically just sneakers.

In this way we will go on to specify more and more of our audience by finding people more and more in line with our product or service.

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