Campaign Structure: Facebook’s Structure For Scale

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Campaign Structure: Facebook’s Structure For Scale

We have seen together that to do advertising you need to structure a Sales Funnel, which is an entire user acquisition path, a funnel into which users enter and at the end of which they have bought your product or service.

How to structure campaigns based on where users are in the path?

Meta gives clear guidance on how to structure campaigns in a way that makes it easier for the algorithm to make your ads perform at their best: the Structure for Scale (S4S).

First of all, if there is no Advanced Pixel Setup to track all events, the algorithm will be sharply penalized because it will not be aware of the actions users take on your site. So always make sure you have the pixel installed and configured well.

Within our funnel, campaign objectives are going to intensify as we move downward toward the BOFU.

So if we need to bring new users to our ecommerce we would start with a TOFU campaign with a light conversion goal, which is easier to achieve, such as View Content i.e. viewing content.

By choosing a target as VC we will go for more reached events with a lower budget translating into lower cost per action, increasing the pool of users that will enter our Funnel and, most importantly, we will stabilize our campaign much faster as we will reach the 50 minimum optimization events in less time.

As targeting we can use a broad audience based on gender, age, and geolocation or go to specify by similar interests or audiences.

The creatives that perform best are creatives that are engaging, fast, interesting, and allow the user to find out as much about your brand or product range as possible in the shortest amount of time.

At the MOFU level, so people who have already come into contact with your brand at least once, we’re going to select a somewhat more concrete conversion goal, such as a shopping cart addition. In this way we are going to require a more important action than just consideration; we want users to add their favorite products to the shopping cart to find out what his or her purchasing preferences are and how much they might be willing to buy.

At this stage of the funnel we can target people who have interacted with our content, viewed our videos or interacted with our Instagram account and Facebook page.

Since they are a target audience that has come into contact with the brand and we need to understand their preferences, the creatives that work best usually have formats suited to the specific Discovery, such as carousels or Collection. To bring people even closer to the brand, creatives that leverage the brand’s Social Proof are also very suitable.

At the BOFU level, on the other hand, we are targeting people who know us and have taken an important action on our store by selecting the Purchase conversion event. So just delighting them with a little something extra will be enough to bring them to conversion.

As targeting we only include people who have added to the cart or started the checkout, this way we will not make other people who have not reached this point in the funnel see our listings by going to focus the investment only on the users who are most likely to buy.

Also in this section we use carousels, Collection or DPA, or dynamic carousels that show the entire product catalog based on what the user has previously viewed. If, for example, they have viewed shoes and even added them to the shopping cart then DPA will resubmit it to the user fully automatically.

Final Tips

It is always important to include different ad formats in one’s adsets, so as to give greater variety and choice to the algorithm, which will go on to show the different formats to the people who best interact with them.

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Campaign Structure: Facebook's Structure For Scale
We have seen together that to do advertising you need to structure a Sales Funnel, which is an entire...
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