Conversions on Google Ads: what they are and how to set them up

Francesco Noli

Francesco Noli

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Conversions on Google Ads: what they are and how to set them up

In this article we will look at what conversions are and 5 reasons why it is critical to set them up. In addition, we will see how to take advantage of Google’s machine learning.

What are conversions

A conversion is your main goal, which is the main action you want users to take on your site.

Let’s imagine that the goal of your site is to get leads from potential customers. In this case the conversion may be form submission. So if five people fill out the contact form and send the message your site has generated five conversions. Similarly if you have an ecommerce and your goal is to sell, if seven people buy a product it means seven people have converted.

There are so many possible conversions, such as: call us and book, email, call now, check availability, get directions, click the button, submit the form, subscribe, purchase, etcc..

Why set up conversions

  • The first reason to set up is because, without them, you will never be able to do professional campaigns.
  • You can evaluate the results. If you have set up conversions you will know whether the campaign brought you the results you hoped for or not.
  • You can do retargeting. You could create campaigns aimed only at people who have already converted or people who have already done something important on your site, such as reading an article, adding to a product cart, and so on.
  • You can optimize campaigns for “conversions.” This aspect is crucial. You can leverage Google’s machine learning to show ads to the people most likely to convert. Google has so much information about users and is familiar with their buying habits and preferences.
  • You can calculate the return on ad spend (ROAS). In short, I invest X and get back 1.5X/2X/3X/etc.. If you have set up a “value” of conversions you can know exactly how much your investment is paying off by optimizing your campaigns for ROAS. In addition to what you have spent you can also see what you have made. We will see this aspect in later articles.

Conversions are very important as they allow you to target (and consequently get your ads seen by) only the people who, for your goals, really matter.

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