What to know to get started with Facebook Ads

Francesco Noli

Francesco Noli

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What to know to get started with Facebook Ads

Before we start

Before we start any marketing efforts (especially advertising) on Facebook, Instagram, but also TikTok, we should always remember to keep in mind that people do not open social to buy any product or service, but not on the platform for leisure or interest.

This word-interest-is essential to doing social advertising, as Meta gives us the ability (or rather paid permission) to reach out to certain people just to enrich their experience on the platform based on their interests, i.e., the only reasons they are interacting with content on the platform.

At this point it is most important to realize that potential customers on any social network may not be aware of their needs, as opposed to users typing into Google what they need at that moment.

Consequently, our announcements should not be ads.

Our advertising strategy should be aimed at getting people interested in a particular topic, product or service by going to them with content that is in line with their interests.

This is the real power of social advertising: instead of buying ad space on television at exorbitant costs by hitting millions of people without knowing anything about them, Meta gives us the ability to go out and intercept people interested in specific topics and divided at will based on other factors such as gender, age and geolocation.

This all turns into targeted investments with high returns if the marketing strategy is done well.

What you need to get started

To get started in social advertising, it is important to be clear that you need:

  • A product that lends itself to visual advertising. If we are selling fashion accessories or small furniture, it will be easier to do visual advertising than selling some bolts or scissors.
  • Have budget: if you don’t have money to invest, you’re not going anywhere. Whatever the marketing goal is to achieve it takes money and especially it takes money spread over the long term.
  • Our target audience must be active on social
  • Our CPA must be acceptable and allow us to have a profit.

BAN Risk in Facebook Ads

Facebook is notorious for banning advertising accounts or entire Business Managers, sometimes it happens for no reason, much more often instead because you have not complied with the platform’s advertising regulations.

So a very important thing to do before we start producing our creative and copy is to always check the advertising regulations, otherwise you run the risk of stumbling into a BAN and never getting back up before you even start.

Meta is currently the largest reality, so it is also super restrictive and taxing on all kinds of content promoted online. You have to be really really careful about what you publish.

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