How to create and install the Facebook Pixel

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How to create and install the Facebook Pixel

Let’s go inside the Business Manager settings and enter the Data Source –> Pixels section. We click add and assign a new name to the Pixel, enter the site we want to implement it on, and click continue. Now we need to install it properly in the code of our website. In the Pixels section where we were previously we click “Open in Event Manager.” Within this page we begin the pixel configuration by clicking “Configure the Pixel”

Once clicked we will get a pop-up with three options:

  1. Add the pixel using a partner integration (such as Shopify or Woocommerce) This is the easiest method, and just follow the procedure suggested by Facebook and the Pixel will install without any problems.
  2. Add pixel code to the website manually This methodology is perfect for those who have a custom site and need to get their hands on the website code. It is still a not too complex procedure but if you are not sure go for the third option.
  3. Email instructions to a developer If you have no idea how to install the pixel, you can send instructions and documentation to a developer you already know. In this case you will have to share the pixel ID and other data via email.

Event setting (only necessary if a Partner Integration was NOT used).

To set up the correct events, I recommend that you immediately install the Google Chrome Facebook Pixel Helper tool that will show you if the pixel is installed on your site and what events it triggers. You can also use it on sites other than your own to see what competitors are tracking.

Among the events that can be tracked are Standard Events and Custom Events.

Standard events are essential to track, and among them we have many, such as:

  • Adding payment information
  • Addition to cart
  • Added to the wish list
  • Completion of registration
  • Contact
  • Donation
  • Search
  • Start of purchase
  • Purchase
  • Content visualization
  • Etcc.

Among Custom events you can track somewhat more specific actions such as buying a particular product, same for adding to cart, reading the blog, etcc..

Final check

Once the pixel is active, online at the site and starts recording events, by going into Event Management we can check that everything is installed correctly.

We access the Head events section and do a test to verify that the events are seen correctly.

Enter in the appropriate section the URL of your site or page on which you installed the pixel and events and press enter.

By navigating to the page that opens you will be able to navigate by taking actions on the site, and in the Facebook tab where you entered the URL previously all the real-time events you are activating will appear.

If the events appear and, more importantly, the correct events appear, it means that you have set the pixel correctly.

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