136'000$ in 30 days by selling chocolate

Return on advertising spending x9
Increased conversion rate 22%

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From a small artisan store to the dream of becoming the amazon of chocolate: snacks, bars, pralines and lots of chocolate according to the occasion.

All homegrown.

Francesco Buonomo heads a great team that puts time, love and passion into each sweet creation every day, a business started with his parents in 2003 then passed into his hands for a good 3 years, in which the business has transformed from a small chocolate store to a full-fledged laboratory with an online ecosystem of thousands of users.

We knew about the potential of business on a very important holiday like Easter.

Keeping in mind that the business could not generate 90 percent of sales only in the week before Easter, we felt it was essential to stimulate the users early by encouraging early purchase of Sweet Creations, hence the idea of starting as much as 40 days earlier.


The Easter campaign began on March 9 by telling through Easter eggs the quality of artisanal chocolate and the substantial difference with mass-produced chocolate.

To intercept new audiences and to strengthen the link with existing users, an editorial email marketing plan was structured in which the Easter egg tradition, product quality and company values were told, allowing us to be present and connect with people well in advance, anticipating competitors and remain a benchmark during the period of greatest competition.

Not only that, with brand awareness activities and an organized automation marketing system, we stayed in constant contact with customers, even if the message conveyed was not purchase-related.

Through these activities, we were able to strengthen the brand’s positioning and convey its core values.

Working with a team of young guys who are ambitious and literally in love with what they do has been a source of pride for us, but most of all a sprint to surpass ourselves. The entire team demonstrated professionalism, aptitude and some real vertical expertise in the e-commerce world.

In addition to increased revenue, the business is growing in all aspects: the maling list has increased by 300% in active users, thanks to loyalty strategies and community building through Advertising and Email Marketing.
Francesco Buonomo
Dolci Creazioni
Email Marketing and Facebook Ads Campaigns

From March 25 to March 31, we structured a launch system for a limited edition product with slightly higher pricing. The launch was divided into 3 phases:

Engine heating
April 23 and 24

Our "VIP" customers, selected based on the amount of purchases made in a year, received a totally free Easter egg. Meanwhile, informing them of the launch of the new product: the HAZELNUT-ALMOND-PISTACHIO, a set of three eggs with different flavors: hazelnut, almond, pistachio.

Pre-launch | Acquisition
March 25 to March 30

Users (loyal and non-loyal) went through a nurturing phase with Facebook Ads and Mail Marketing on the product page, offering them the opportunity to join the waiting list and purchase the "nutmeg" in advance and at a special cost (-30%).

Launch | Sales
March 30 to April 1

Sales have been opened by offering, to those on the waiting list, the opportunity to purchase Hazelnutmandlacchio in advance and at a discounted price.

Then, after a few hours, we gave the opportunity to all our mailing list subscribers to purchase it.

In addition to being the launch product, the Iocciomandorlacchio had the function of an owl product, able to stimulate the purchase of other products in the shop, raising the average shopping cart by 30/40%.

Simply put, it translated from 70€ to about +/-100€ on average.

April 2 to 17

In 7 days the company collected €44,335 against an advertising expenditure of €4,000.

By cashing in 35 percent of sales 20 days before Easter, the company has put it in the best position to scale up and push the accelerator during the most competitive period.

In total, in the 38 days from March 9 to April 17, the business totaled a revenue of €136,729 and 2217 orders with an advertising spend of €15000.

in 38 days

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