5 key aspects of TikTok Ads

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5 key aspects of TikTok Ads

To do advertising on TikTok there are some must-haves that you need to follow. I tell you about them in this article.

Building Native Content
TikTok’s “carrel” format gives you the ability to appear to the user without there being a clear separation between advertising and content. This aspect is only really effective if the listings are as amateurish as possible. Many people do not achieve results on TikTok because they persist in creating advertisements and not real TikTok.

Build audience segments useful to your business
On TikTok the cost of traffic is significantly lower than other platforms, this can lead to building huge audiences compared to Facebook. Going to be more precise in creating segments can really boost the performance of your listings.

Test listings in single adset
When I have budget and the type of business allows it, I generally test ads in single adset completely broad, giving them the opportunity to spend at least 20€/day per single creative.

Much more than Facebook, once multiple ads are placed in an adset, TikTok will reward the one that performs the best, to which it will spend the entire budget.

In testing, it is useful to have complete control over what to run and what not to run.

Shopping Ads
If you run or have a store, integrate it with TikTok and try Shopping Ads. This ad format allows you to make the product you are sponsoring immediately accessible, as well as being able to create other, more specific audience segments.

Shopping Ads can be used in simple TikToks, in which the product appears directly, catalog ads, which allow the user to browse through products, or Live Shopping Ads, which are very useful and perform well when it comes to large eCommerce businesses with a large following.

Audience Insights of TikTok
Audience Insights allows you to analyze the audience enrolled in TikTok. Through this tool we can improve our campaigns by going to target our audiences more precisely, testing new targets, finding new strategies for our editorial plans and creative, or going to explore new trends.

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5 key aspects of TikTok Ads
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