Black Friday: what will perform best on Facebook Ads

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Black Friday: what will perform best on Facebook Ads

Whenever we approach a major event such as the BF and CM, it would be optimal to keep track of all the business and marketing objectives and all the strategies that have been decided upon, regardless of the channel in which we are going to apply them.

At the end, I recommend that you write down what was achieved, how you did it, and which platform the most results came from. Also, note what has performed less well and how it can be improved.

✔️ This process allows you to have an operational record that leaves no room for future mistakes or strategy that is not appropriate for the period in which you launch your advertising campaigns.

For this year’s ingredients to launch campaigns that rock you need these 5 essential ingredients:

The elasticity of the team. No magic formula, team resilience is the key to a great Black Friday: being fast and having a quick and effective communication flow allows you to adjust what is performing less and get what is working better off the ground, achieving incredible results.

It is now impossible to make data-driven decisions within a few hours or even a day. If you want to scale up quickly you need to refer to the creatives already tested in previous weeks and view orders in real time. If you notice an increase in performance, you are definitely scaling the right creative/adsets/campaigns. If you have advanced tracking methods such as Hyros, you can rely on it 😅

Manual bidding is the only key to really smashing. If you have experience and budget, you can boost campaigns in super tight time frames; manual bidding allows you to keep CPAs steady and increase profits considerably.

CPMs have skyrocketed this year. It will be impossible to be competitive if you do not build audiences in the weeks and months beforehand. These types of events should be prepared well in advance to keep CPAs low.

First you sow, then you reap.

If we want to increase the advertising budget, we must have an arsenal of creative ready to use, otherwise we will burn budget unnecessarily. No one likes to review the same photo, video or any other type of format, over and over, let alone increase the frequency. 🎨 = 🤑

Email marketing is a surface-to-air missile. There are many interesting and effective strategies, however, what works is only one thing: be consistent with the audience segments to which you send emails and do not be afraid to raise the frequency (without being stressful).

Coverage campaigns cost little and allow you to stay in the user’s head at all times. Really effective if the promos change from day to day.

And these are just some interesting things that can come in handy to enhance your next Black Friday!

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