Identity and USP: why they matter on Google Ads

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Identity and USP: why they matter on Google Ads

In this article we will explore USP and brand identity. Why would a user choose you of all people?

How to stand out among competitors

Online, when a user does a search for a product and service, he or she will have so many different results and ads. So it becomes crucial to ask: why you?

If you also don’t know why a user should choose you, start making a list of all your peculiarities and strengths now.

To find what your customers like about you, read your reviews or those of other competitors. Maybe you can address all the complaints that users stir up against your competitors.

If you have a Google tab (and I highly recommend you do), Google itself tells you what your customers like about you! Try looking at the “Topics mentioned often by users” section in your “Reviews” tab

If you don’t have reviews, it’s up to you to assess what your users may like less or more or figure out what your weaknesses and strengths are.

3 distinctive elements

List your strengths!

Write down on a sheet of paper all your strengths seen in the previous analysis or individual ones yourself. Once found choose 3, the best ones. It is these three aspects that you are going to focus on in your campaigns. They don’t need to be three incredible features, the important thing is that they are really features that your customers value.

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