How Google’s algorithm works and what you need to know

In this article we will see what Ad Rank is, how it works, and how to leverage it to become the top result. We will learn about the two components of the algorithm and how to handle Quality Score. Google Ads is an auction. It is important to understand that Google Ads works by auction. […]

How to structure campaigns on Google Ads

In this article we will look in detail at what the three campaign levels are. Structure of campaigns As mentioned above, the campaigns are structured on three levels: These are levels of decreasing importance: the campaign contains groups (ad groups or adset) that in turn contain one or more ads. Campaign Within a campaign you […]

How to set up Google Ads conversions

In this article we will see how to set up Google Ads conversions to get the most out of your campaigns. Where to start If you are unfamiliar with coding or websites, hire an expert. Don’t do it alone. On the other hand, in case you are familiar with the codes, follow the step-by-step directions […]

Conversions on Google Ads: what they are and how to set them up

In this article we will look at what conversions are and 5 reasons why it is critical to set them up. In addition, we will see how to take advantage of Google’s machine learning. What are conversions A conversion is your main goal, which is the main action you want users to take on your […]

Initial setup of Google Ads: how to do it

To start advertising on Google follow these steps. Create your account First you need to create and set up your account and you can do that from this link: Using this link will get you a €400 bonus once you spend your first €400 on Google Ads campaigns. This way it is as if […]

Identity and USP: why they matter on Google Ads

In this article we will explore USP and brand identity. Why would a user choose you of all people? How to stand out among competitors Online, when a user does a search for a product and service, he or she will have so many different results and ads. So it becomes crucial to ask: why […]

Competitor analysis for your Google Ads campaigns

In this article we will find out why it is important to analyze competitors and what are the 5 steps to analyze them. Why is it important to analyze competitors? Studying competitors, their offerings, product range and communication is most important in several aspects. By analyzing and spying on competitors you can find out what […]

Google Ads: Target Analysis for Your Campaigns

After analyzing the market potential, it is important to analyze your target audience. Why the target audience is important If you do not know who you are addressing, you will not know how to properly communicate your products or services. How do you plan to impress him? How do you know what kind of language, […]

Market potential analysis for Google Ads

Before going to create a campaign, it is important to have a strategy. In fact, only when you have structured a strategy will your campaigns allow you to reach your goal. In this article we will analyze market potential, that is, how many people may be interested in your products and how crowded the market […]

Google Ads vs Facebook Ads

In this article we see a comparison between Google Ads and Facebook Ads. By the end of the reading you will be clear about when to invest in Google, when NOT to invest in Google, and when to invest in Facebook. You will also be clear on how to integrate both platforms into your marketing […]