Is your agency scamming you? Here’s how to figure it out

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Is your agency scamming you? Here’s how to figure it out

So many times I have had a client, before leaving with the collaboration, ask me for help in getting back their social pages, advertising accounts, and Business Manager from the “agency” they had relied on that took everything from them under seizure.

By now I have lost count of all the times I have heard similar episodes.

Take care:

1️⃣ Always give limited access to data or resources you need to share with your partners.

2️⃣ If the advertising expense is borne by the agency there must ring a huge alarm bell. Advertising expenditure should always be billed directly to your business!

Don’t trust anyone who tells you “I’ll advance the advertising expense because by running multiple things I get concessions” or various bullsh*t. No one really has an advantage in advancing money to you. If your agency tells you that it is paying the advertising expense and then puts it on your invoice at the end of the month (probably) it is ripping you off.

Eye 👀

3️⃣ Set up the Business Manager the right way and create more than one advertising account.

Scamming activities or making opaque gestures is the primary reason for failure. Those who trust their own means have absolutely no need to resort to such practices.

If the results are not satisfactory, leaving on good terms with the client is best in two basic respects:

First of all, it may happen that there are no prerequisites to achieve maximum results in every single collaboration, so there is no reason to get bitter blood. The entrepreneur has every right to want to terminate the partnership if the results bring neither value nor profit.

Second, what is the point of staining one’s conscience with such practices? Experiences of this kind only tend to lead to lowering one’s self-efficacy and quality of work.

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