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Business Manager Resources

In the Business Manager settings, there are several aspects to consider and set up correctly before starting your own campaigns.


People are the users who have access to our Business Manager account and can have different roles:

  • Employee
  • Administrator

Additional roles such as Payment Analyst, Payment Editor, and Developer can also be assigned


Partners are other business managers with whom we form a partnership.

We then tie up multiple business managers to be able to share resources with each other.

For example, if I run an ice cream shop and enter into a partnership with a bakery, I could combine the BMs to take advantage of the similar catchment areas of the two businesses to reach more target people.

The Pages

Facebook pages are the main resources for being able to create advertising campaigns.

AD Account

Advertising accounts are required in order to do Advertising on Facebook. They are basically additional accounts that define the user as an advertiser.

Instagram account

Linking an Instagram account to the Business Manager allows us to use that particular profile to have our ads appear in IG placements, such as post feeds or stories, also allows us to create clusters of users (publics or audiences) who have interacted with our account.


With catalogs, we can enable Shopping on Instagram, automatically keep our Product Showcases up-to-date after changing products on our E-Commerce, and also allow us to create campaigns aimed at selling the products themselves, making it easier to find people interested in our products.


Facebook’s Pixel does not refer to Google’s phone or even a pixel of a screen.

The Facebook Pixel is a string of code that when inserted into our website will record a variety of data about user behavior and the actions they take while browsing our pages.

This is a fundamental tool to be able to structure the Funnel seen in Lesson I and to go about performing Remarketing activities on our audience.

Brand Safety

In this section we can associate our websites with our Business Manager so that we consider the landing URLs of our ads to be trustworthy and most importantly create a list of allowed URLs and DOMAINS. This way no one outside of us can make advertisements that lead to our websites.

Other Resources

In this section we can manage payment methods linked to advertising accounts, account security, partnership requests, notifications and general information of our BM.

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