Facebook Ads. In the live of the Creative.

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Facebook Ads. In the live of the Creative.

As mentioned in previous articles, doing ads on social media such as Facebook, Instagram and TikTok differs greatly from doing Google Ads, because people are not on social media to find your product but to mind their own business and entertain themselves.

The goal then should not be to sell but to draw their attention to your company.

So, we buy the ad space, show our ad trying to stop scrolling and make a clear and specific action.

How to make ads that convert?

Effective advertising does not categorically mean making wonderfully beautiful advertisements with amazing photos or out-of-the-ordinary graphics.

Let’s take a step back:

Since most of the world’s population started using Instagram and Facebook the goal, over time, had become to make cooler and cooler content and to increase the quality of photo to photo and video to video. This is no longer the case today.

People do not want the most beautiful, polished content but they want authentic, real content.

Not surprisingly, TikTok is depopulating by the day, and the trend, even on Instagram, is to generate content that at least has the appearance of being generated by regular people.

So, if the goal still remains to stop the scroll and bring attention to your business, we need to create impactful, scroll-stopping content and increasingly authentic content that is close to the people we want to address.

This means using their own tools at the time we make the listings. If, for example, TikToks are going so much, why not create a TikTok in which we sympathetically show how useful our product is or how good it feels to open the box full of mass giacer and protein that just arrived at your door, rather than doing the usual advertising with the flash offer.

Creatives are therefore the core elements of our campaigns and are crucial to the success of a campaign.

If our campaigns are relevant and interesting to our audience we will have a higher open rate and a higher click-through rate on the ad. Ti click rate is called click through rate or better CTR.

The higher your CTR, the less you will spend. The lower your CTR, the more you will earn and save money.

How to figure out which ads to create

Rule number one: study your competitors. Facebook offers us an incredible tool: the Ad Library , the perfect tool to view your competitors’ ads and see what’s performable to them. One place to start is definitely to take a cue from competitors and start similar creative right away, highlighting YOUR value proposition.

Try to range in deciding on competitors. Remember that there are direct and indirect competitors. If you sell pizza by the slice, your competitor is not the restaurant next door, but it could be the piadineria 300 meters away or even food delivery services. If you sell costume jewelry related to couple’s gifts, your competitor is not the jeweler but the florist, because it solves the same problem as yours at the target audience, which is to give a romantic gift to one’s girlfriend or boyfriend.

Remember that the most important thing when doing advertising is to understand people’s need, why they buy or do not buy something.

Rule number two: look at your content that did better.

If you have an active Instagram profile, check among your various posts or videos what went best. If you notice performing content, don’t ask any more questions and submit it again. From time to time study what is appreciated most and always improve.

Rule number three: be inspired and keep your eyes open.

Surf social, look at ads that show up on your private profiles, save things you think are interesting, browse vertical sites on ads, sign up for interesting newsletters, and so on.

Also pay close attention to your target audience. Browse its forums, its communities, its Facebook groups and read their posts, their comments, their reviews. In short, it analyzes the user all the way down. This is the most important part.

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