Why use Facebook Ads

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Why use Facebook Ads

Learn how your Facebook Ads campaigns can help you reach a wider audience, increase conversions and improve your results. In this article, we will examine the reasons why to use Facebook Ads and show how to do it.

Facebook Ads is a tool.

Facebook Ads is a source of paid traffic, which is the source of the flow of users visiting your site, blog or online store. This means that you pay to bring people to learn about your product or service rather than a blog article.

Facebook Ads is a tool and has definite characteristics. It is not the solution to all your problems and it will not save your business if your business has no raison d’ĂȘtre or you do not have a value proposition.

Facebook Ads goes to work on latent, nonconscious demand-meaning that while people are browsing Facebook or Instagram they are not looking for the product or service you are sponsoring. Different is the case with platforms like Google where you have an informed demand, so users are already likely to find your product or service.

This is a very important factor to take into consideration when advertising on Facebook and Instagram, where we advertisers must know how to intercept users and not interrupt his or her activity while scrolling through the various social platforms.

It is therefore correct to always set up the advertising strategy by aiming to inform users about our product and service, without aiming for direct sales right away.

What is a FUNNEL

From the English FUNNEL means funnel, which is the funnel that people enter at the time they view my advertisements.

FUNNEL is divided into three macro stages:

  • TOFU: Top Of The Funnel
    The top part of our funnel where there are the users who first saw the advertisements.
  • MOFU: Middle Of The Funnel
    The middle part of the funnel where people have already come in contact with our brand but are not yet ready to buy or leave contact.
  • BOFU: Bottom of the Funnel
    The deepest and narrowest part of the funnel. These are people who are now familiar with our brand and are close to buying our product or service, who just need a little extra incentive to make a transaction on our store or leave contact. In short, to be converted.

The communication and type of advertisements will have to be different and studied in detail for each stage of the funnel.

In a nutshell, the FUNNEL is nothing more than a real path that people take toward getting to know your brand and to the final sale, which comes at the end and after creating a relationship with the user.

The importance of Facebook Ads

Each of us uses Facebook or Instagram on a daily basis, and therefore Meta itself knows in great detail about our shopping and browsing preferences or habits. The advertising algorithm will then be able to reach the right people, at the right time and in the right positioning (by positioning I mean posts, reels, stories, videos, etcc.).

If we consider that in Italy alone, the pool of users who use Instagram every day exceeds 20 million, advertising on Meta platforms becomes a huge opportunity for all companies, businesses and professionals who want to reach new potential customers or larger audiences, or even try to expand their business abroad.

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