We launch our first Facebook Ads campaign together.

What does a campaign consist of A campaign consists of three main components: Campaign Goals Adset Creative Campaign goals Based on what we are going to sponsor such as an ecommerce, local business, etcc. We choose the target that suits us best. Each campaign objective has optimization events within it, so you can go further […]

5 key aspects of TikTok Ads

To do advertising on TikTok there are some must-haves that you need to follow. I tell you about them in this article. Building Native ContentTikTok’s “carrel” format gives you the ability to appear to the user without there being a clear separation between advertising and content. This aspect is only really effective if the listings […]

Black Friday: what will perform best on Facebook Ads

Whenever we approach a major event such as the BF and CM, it would be optimal to keep track of all the business and marketing objectives and all the strategies that have been decided upon, regardless of the channel in which we are going to apply them. At the end, I recommend that you write […]

How Google’s algorithm works and what you need to know

In this article we will see what Ad Rank is, how it works, and how to leverage it to become the top result. We will learn about the two components of the algorithm and how to handle Quality Score. Google Ads is an auction. It is important to understand that Google Ads works by auction. […]

How to choose between CBO vs ABO on Facebook Ads

In previous articles we have seen how a campaign is structured and its levels: In what, then, is the choice between a CBO and an ABO? The choice is whether the budget should be managed by the campaign (CBO) or whether it is best managed at the individual adset level (ABO). Why choose one or […]

Campaign Structure: Facebook’s Structure For Scale

We have seen together that to do advertising you need to structure a Sales Funnel, which is an entire user acquisition path, a funnel into which users enter and at the end of which they have bought your product or service. How to structure campaigns based on where users are in the path? Meta gives […]

How to structure campaigns on Google Ads

In this article we will look in detail at what the three campaign levels are. Structure of campaigns As mentioned above, the campaigns are structured on three levels: These are levels of decreasing importance: the campaign contains groups (ad groups or adset) that in turn contain one or more ads. Campaign Within a campaign you […]

What to know to get started with Facebook Ads

Before we start Before we start any marketing efforts (especially advertising) on Facebook, Instagram, but also TikTok, we should always remember to keep in mind that people do not open social to buy any product or service, but not on the platform for leisure or interest. This word-interest-is essential to doing social advertising, as Meta […]

How the Facebook Algorithm and auction system works

When you do advertising through Facebook, Instagram or TikTok, you do it by buying each individual user’s ad space literally at auction. That’s right, at auction. Each user has different interests and consequently, there are multiple companies competing on each individual user. For example, I like racing so the algorithm always proposes simulators to me, […]

How to set up Google Ads conversions

In this article we will see how to set up Google Ads conversions to get the most out of your campaigns. Where to start If you are unfamiliar with coding or websites, hire an expert. Don’t do it alone. On the other hand, in case you are familiar with the codes, follow the step-by-step directions […]